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Find a Travelglobe Agent near you

We have Travelglobe agents all over Australia to assist with all travel requirements.

Simply enter your postcode and you will be matched with your nearest agent/s.

If you are lucky to have more than one agent in your area, then check out their bio's to find your best fit.

Find a Travelglobe Agent

At Travelglobe, our agents are not just experts; they are passionate travelers dedicated to crafting your perfect journey. With extensive knowledge of destinations worldwide, they provide personalised recommendations and insider tips that you won’t find online.


Our agents take the time to understand your unique preferences and needs, ensuring every detail of your trip is meticulously planned. From securing the best deals to offering 24/7 support during your travels, our travel agents go above and beyond, making your travel experience seamless and unforgettable.


We have agents all over Australia. Search for an agent nearby or browse their profiles below.

Travel Advisor

David Infirri

An experienced professional. David has over 30 years in the travel industry. 

Travel Advisor

Joanne Lamy

A seasoned travel agent based in Melbourne, boasts an impressive 12 years in the travel industry.

Travel Advisor

Alex Pilarski

A passionate travel agent with a vast experience booking families, friends and singles their dream holidays.

Travel Advisor

Kristy Breed

With over two decades of experience in the travel industry and a passion for creating extraordinary journeys.

Travel Advisor

Sarah Joyce

With travel experience to over 30 countries, across 5 continents. Sarah is a passionate and experienced agent.

Meet Our Travel Advisors

Travel Advisor


 Riana has been providing outstanding customer service for over 10 years, she always strives to offer the best possible travel experience. 

Travel Advisor


Thea has travelled extensively through Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. As well as the US, Middle East and Saudi Arabia

Travel Advisor

Alex and Alfi

Alex and Alfi Ironside, a dynamic married team with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Travel Advisor

Jacqui Stutt

With over 8 years experience as a Travel Manager,Jacqui understands what is needed for a seamless and stress free travel experience.

Travel Advisor

Lisa Wiking

Lisa is an incredibly experienced agent, with over 27 years experience in the industry. Travel is her passion and Island holidays are her specialty 

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