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Frequently asked questions

Some of your questions answered

  • At Travelglobe, our mobile travel agents prioritize your needs. Flexible and dedicated, they're available to meet at mutually convenient times and can seamlessly assist over phone or email, ensuring every journey you plan with us is effortless and tailored to you. They are your personal travel agent and are a dedicated independent network of only experienced agents. 

  • In an era of digital bookings, Travelglobe's independent mobile agents offer an edge. They ensure trips are personalized, assisting during unexpected hiccups and preempting potential issues. With Travelglobe, you gain expertly curated experiences, saving time and ensuring unforgettable journeys. Our agents provide tailored itineraries and 24/7 support. We offer unmatched choices in accommodations and flights, backed by a commitment to your travel aspirations. Choose Travelglobe for unparalleled, personalized travel service. 

  • To read our detailed Terms & Conditions, please click here.

  • Travel agents often have access to exclusive deals, promotions, and packages that may not be available to the general public. They have extensive knowledge of the travel industry and can help you find the best value for your money, ensuring you get the most out of your budget. Additionally, travel agents can save you time and stress by handling all the details of your trip, from booking flights and accommodations to arranging tours and transfers. They can provide valuable insights, personalized recommendations, and assistance in case of unforeseen issues during your journey, making your travel experience smoother and more enjoyable. In many cases, the expertise and cost-saving opportunities offered by travel agents can actually result in a more affordable and satisfying travel experience. 

  • Using Travelglobe to book group trips offers several compelling advantages. We streamline the booking process for multiple travelers, making it efficient and hassle-free. You can access a wide range of group-friendly accommodations and flight options, often at discounted rates. Our experienced travel experts can tailor your group's itinerary, ensuring everyone's preferences and needs are met. Additionally, our group booking tools provide transparency, allowing you to easily manage reservations, payments, and communication within your group. With Travelglobe, you'll enjoy the convenience, cost savings, and expert support that make planning and executing group trips a breeze.  

  • Look no further than imagining your wedding day in your favourite place. Our experienced in house event planner excels in events for all occasions. From celebrations to press events to funerals, our deep understanding of our clients vision is transformed into your special day an will organise all logistics and can include on site management. Trust Travelglobe to bring your event to life.

  • We offer a gift registry service for all of your special events and are delighted to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us at your convienience so that we can provide more information and discuss how we can help you with registry needs. 

  • Airline ticket and hotel prices are dynamic and subject to change until they are fully paid and ticketed. Our skilled team is committed to securing the most favorable deals for you, utilizing real-time connections to travel systems. As seats on flights and rooms in hotels are booked and occupancy fluctuates, it is common for prices to adjust accordingly. 

  • Our Agents are happy to help with advice. If you don't have a visa and you are required to have one to enter a particular country, the responsibility for not having a visa typically falls on you, the traveler. Obtaining the necessary visa is generally the responsibility of the individual traveling, and it's crucial to research and fulfill the visa requirements for your destination well in advance of your planned trip.

    Visa requirements can vary significantly from one country to another, and they depend on various factors such as your nationality, the purpose of your visit, the duration of your stay, and the specific country's immigration policies. It's your responsibility to check and comply with these requirements, apply for the appropriate visa, and ensure that you have it before your intended travel date. If you fail to obtain the necessary visa and attempt to enter a country without it, you may face legal consequences, including deportation or denial of entry.

  • Yes in most instances we can make changes for you. 

    For Airfare Bookings:

    Check Fare Rules - Review your ticket's fare rules for change conditions and fees.

    Contact Your Travelglobe Agent: Reach out to your dedicated Travelglobe agent for assistance with modifications.

    For Accommodation Bookings:

    Locate Booking Details - Find your accommodation confirmation number.

    Edit or Cancel -  Use the provider's platform or contact them as needed.

    Important Tips:

    Know the Policies - Understand the change and cancellation policies of your providers.

    Act Quickly - Make changes promptly to secure availability and avoid increased fees.

    Your Travelglobe agents are here to help. Contact them for specific booking details and changes.

    Safe travels with Travelglobe!

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