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Meet Thea

Coming from a diverse working background, from Accounting to Business Coordinator and now as a Travel agent, too. 


Since a very young age,  I have had travelled to Asia to name a few were Singapore, Hongkong, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. And parts of the United States such as Jackson Tennessee, New York, and Los Angeles . I have also been in the Middle East primarily in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Migrated in Australia of March 1989. With my 4 years exposure, knowledge and, my passion in the Travel Industry has inspired me to finally have a leap of faith and with my family's full support, I had decided to join Travelglobe.


Choosing this path of an independent travel agent can be both rewarding and flexible. For me, it's more than business; it's about having a work-life and family balance.  To be part of Travelglobe family, my dedication and passion to ensure that clients are provided with the best Travelglobe  experience and blending my experience with a genuine commitment to my own business success. 

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