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Meet Denna

With over 15 years of in-depth experience in the travel industry, Denna stands out as an invaluable asset to Travelglobe. Trained as a travel agent, she has a nuanced understanding of customer needs, ensuring tailored solutions for every traveler. Moreover, Denna plays a key role in organizing and executing TravelGlobe's travel events and conferences, demonstrating her adeptness in both front-end customer interactions and backend logistics.

In addition to her professional commitments, Denna has been an active contributor to entrepreneurial initiatives such as The Travel Show Australia, The Founding Mums, and more underscoring her multifaceted expertise.

For collaborations, event inquiries, or travel bookings, reach out to Denna.

0412 942 285

Hi I'm Denna,

Organizing travel events and conferences for businesses at TravelGlobe Pty Ltd isn't just a role, it's a passion. There's an undeniable thrill in meticulously crafting travel plans that align with a company's vision, ensuring each itinerary reflects precision and care. But what truly lights up my day is interacting with our customers. Hearing their feedback, understanding their needs, and delivering on their expectations is immensely rewarding. Additionally, as a strong advocate for women in business, I take special pride in supporting female entrepreneurs and professionals in their travel endeavors. At TravelGlobe, it's not just about destinations; it's about journeys, stories, and the wonderful people we get to serve.

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